BIT1 -competition is searching for student game teams in Finland

Bit1-competition is searching the best student game teams in Finland to take part in the regional preliminaries, PreBits, in Helsinki, Kajaani, Tampere and Turku. This post reveals, what the teams get and what the Jury of Bit1 2020 is expecting to see.

PreBit is a local competition and networking event for student game developers. At PreBits the competitors meet other game developers, present their game for a jury, receive comments and comprehensive feedback.

The finale, Bit1 2020, will be held in Helsinki on April 14th and 15th, access to compete is granted for the three winning teams of each PreBit.

You’re in good company

The feedback of the Prebit Helsinki 2019 indicated that 97% of the competing team members found the participation was useful for them. The feedback they got from the judges and other testers was very valuable. All in all, it’s a good experience for anyone making games and willing to work in the industry one day. It’s good to remember that other participants are also students, not professionals!

Winners are rewarded with admission to Nordic Games on 27.-29.5. in Malmö, and two tickets to Finnish Game Awards on 16.4.2020. The first runner-up receives two tickets to Nordic Games and the second runner-up IT accessories.

Multidisciplinary teams consisting of students, alumni and other young game developers are invited to apply. Anyone wishing to enter through these preliminaries is welcome to apply, if they qualify by the competition rules.


Bit1 Game Awards will be judged by a jury of accomplished professionals. They are expecting to see fresh projects and ideas. Read more about their thoughts from Bit1-webpage.

Timur Haussila – Supercell / Game lead

In addition to Hay Day and Boom Beach, he has worked with a number of unreleased games, and Supercell Developer Relationship investing to other gaming companies. Currently he is leading on Supercell ID team.

Karoliina Korppoo – 10th Muse / CEO

is the CEO and Creative Director of 10th Muse Oy.

Juha Huhtakallio – Playstack Finland / General Manager

has 20 years game industry experience from multiple different roles including roles like game developer, game designer, head of studio, education designer and entrepreneur. Now Juha is General Manager at Playstack Finland. Playstack is a London based games publisher providing funding and publishing services.

Sonja Ängeslevä – Zynga / Product lead

works as a Product Lead at Zynga. Throughout her career as a developer, she has brought together design, consumer insights, data analytics and software development in order to enable her team to craft the best products ever.

Teemu Närhi – Fingersoft / CEO

started out programming games as a hobby and entered the industry officially in 2009 to form a games studio, and soon after that joined Fingersoft as an iOS developer.