Chips For Game Skills -project focuses on identifying the needs of the game industry and develop the education on the basis of them. The goal is to create a common evaluation criteria – a digital open badge system – which clarifies the definition and understanding of the learning objectives in the games industry.

The project also aims to intensify dialogue and co-operation among employers, educators and students in the field. The project brings game training schools closer together in multidisciplinary gaming projects and joint courses.

Project´s competition and networking event Bit1 is a platform to present the skills, when the best student game of the year is selected.The event gives game developers the opportunity to get feedback about their games from professionals. The teams and other attending students will also have the possibility to network and search for potential jobs and internships.

The main implementer is Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and other implementers are Amiedu, Haaga-Helia UAS, Laurea UAS, Oulu UAS and Tampere UAS.

In our web page there is also a blog where different writers will write about game industry, game education, recognizing competences and teaching co-operation from different angles.

Project manager and member of the editorial board Saija Heinonen
e-mail: saija.heinonen @ metropolia.fi

Communications coordinator and editor Milla Åman Kyyrö
e-mail: milla.amankyyro @ metropolia.fi

Member of the editorial board Elina Ala-Nikkola
e-mail: elina.ala-nikkola @ metropolia.fi