Spring full of gaming – developing the team working skills

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In addition to PreBit-team, Metropolia´s game project included also another Laurea student team during this spring. We will now briefly describe what our process was like.

Our spring semester started with an interesting but also challenging project. Our objective was to improve Metropolia´s game teams’ team working skills. Also we tried to lesser the gap between game developing students and employers in evaluating different competences.

Because of this we also studied “team skills open badge” in our project. This open badge would be a perfect tool for students to show their skills and qualifications to employers. These objectives started a spring semester with challenging but also very rewarding project in the world of games.

Laurea team lead an inclusive lecture in the project course. Photo: Laurea team.

So, we are six men team from Laurea Hyvinkää campus. We’re studying business, especially P2P (peer to peer) leading. We make projects with real businesses and ventures. This means we don’t really have lectures during our studies. Because of our study model, teamwork skills are needed on daily basis inside our own team and with the teams we develop. It has taught us so much during our time here.

Working with a team teaches you so many things that you can’t learn in lectures. For example we have learned to express ourselves even in more “serious” platforms such as in meetings with clients and so on. We could say we are quite skilled in teamwork and the right persons to be teaching teams skills to game students.

Our project´s definitely most important keyword was gamification. What does it mean? Now read carefully. We think that it is a way to teach certain group in an active way. With this we mean some ways that take the group into account when teaching. This can be accomplished with different activities such as different contests, drawing with group, improvisation and so on. The main point is to get the group to participate. These mentioned elements have been in our minds during the whole project.

Our project consisted of interviews, events, writing different theory papers, going into instruction events, skype-meetings, GAMIFICATION and communications with different people across the project. Most exciting was that we had one of our team members infiltrating into Metropolia´s game teams as a game producer. Test was successful, Metropolia´s teachers and students were pleased with our producers work with improving the team skills.

Teams gave feedback on the process. Photo: Laurea team.

During this project, we learned that game business is always changing and that there are many skillful people amongst the students. Competition in the business is really hard because everyone wants to be the new Rovio or Supercell. In this line of work even the sky is not the limit. For us this world is baffling but also we recognize that it will be part of the future.

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Laurea´s project team 2, Chips for game skills