Towards the Bits – Part 2: Event Location

Lue artikkeli suomeksi

After the beginning fog landed, it was time to find the place where we would arrange the PreBit Helsinki. We talked together with our partner for the best possible place for the event.

When choosing the venue we have to be aware of the needs for gaming setups, things like power distribution and network connections. Thanks to our partner´s  contacts, we found a suitable place for our event from Maria 01. Maria 01 is a community house for technology startups in the historical hospital campus in Kamppi, Helsinki.

Project team checking out the event space

We visited the event space in March together with our partner. We considered the technical capabilities of the event room from the point of view of the game event, and we were also planning the furnishing of the event space. We took lots of pictures to make it easy to design and arrange furniture design.

We also found that we needed a backroom for judges to make decisions about competing games, so we decided to reserve a meeting room next to the event space for this purpose.

A functional platform at the event

Maria 01 seems just right for our purpose. It can be easily modified for a very nice and comfortable space for our event!

Photos: Laura Nissinen / Maria 01, Juha Salovirta, Matias Katila