Towards the Bits, part 4: Soon to be – PreBit Helsinki

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There is only one day before the PreBit event, and we received quite many participants. We have 16 teams competing for the Bit1 Award in PreBit Helsinki. Our team has kept track of the needs of participating teams and how much space each team needs for their games. In fact, participants has become far more than we thought, causing some new plans for use of space. This is certainly only a positive problem, which ensures that the event gets a lot of interesting games and visibility for the event.

The last week has been very busy for the project team. The team has been wondering what practical things should be taken care of with the event. We’ve shaped the event’s manuscript and shared responsibility areas between the project team. Now we have a very clear picture of how the event is proceeding. We also created a feedback survey that we will give out for the participants at the end of the event. With this survey, we will get information about our event and see how successful it was. From this survey we can think how we can develope this event consept further.

We have also created nametags for teams to attach to their tables. Based on the information provided by the teams, we have gathered their Bio’s together. Bios and gameplay videos have been shared at Facebook under the PreBit event.

We are ready to welcome all the participants, judges and audience!